blue-bullet Book Visitors’ Policy for the entire duration
of your trip.

blue-bullet Keep always your insurance policy number
with you. In case of an emergency call the
insurance possible as soon as possible.


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As a visitor from another country, new immigrant or as a person who is in Canada on a student visa or temporary work you’re not covered the Canadian National Health Program. Doctor bills are very expensive and emergency medical and hospital care can cost you more than a thousand dollars a day. Visitors Health Insurance is a simple and affordable way of being covered for these unforeseen costs.

In the event of a medical emergency or serious accident, the Insurance for Visitors to Canada also pay for your return to home, which can be very expensive.

On our site it is simple to obtain a free insurance quote and purchase the Visitors to Canada Insurance that can make your trip more pleasant and convenient. Visitors Insurance may be purchased for at least a duration of a week and up to 365 days. Insured must be one-month of age or older. Insurance Quotes can be obtain for families as well.


All visitors to Canada Health Insurance Plan include:

blue-bulletEmergency Medical Expenses

blue-bulletEmergency Evacuation & Repatriation

blue-bulletExpenses Related to Your Death

blue-bullet24-hour Emergency Assistance – Whether you need emergency medical care or emergency arrangements to return home, Multi-lingual emergency assistance counsellors, doctors and nurses will help you anywhere in the world, anytime of day.


Visitors to Canada Insurance plans cover Visitors for emergency medical expenses incurred in Canada or during a side trip outside of Canada (not to your country of origin), provided the side trip begins and end in Canada. The length of time you spend in Canada must by greater than the length of time you spend on your side trip outside of Canada.

If you purchase this policy prior to your arrival in Canada, protection begins on your arrival date. If you book this insurance after your arrival in Canada, expenses will not be covered as the result of sickness occurring prior to or within the first 48 hours immediately following your policy purchase date and time.